Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Astria gaming experience

A student in another school has recently blogged that:

“Students don’t learn much playing this game called Astria – Countdown to Impact: Their time could be better spent doing other things”.

Do you agree, disagree or partly agree/disagree?

Blog about what you think using evidence from the game to backup your views.

I strongly agree with this bloggers point of view. I didn't like the game cause there was too much words to read. When someone explains to a kid that they're going to be playing a game, they think its something like fortnite. What do we learn from this game anyways? What is it teaching us? Even when playing this game and getting help I couldn't understand what the purpose for everything was. I think at the beginning, players of this game shouldnt spend 30 minutes reading 5 different articles and answering questions on each 5.

Friday, 16 November 2018

My Career Malaga

Learn: We were learning to plan our own future. We had to look for jobs we were interested in. We also had to learn more about ourselves, our personality traits, values and more. 

Friday, 9 November 2018

100 words challenge

As the cold air brushes against my face. I open my umbrella which when I opened it, it reminded me of a flower blooming in the summer. As I walked across the concrete bridge that looked as if it was covered in moss. A billow of cold wind came rushing towards me and acted as if I was playing rugby on a field and someone was running into tackle me. I tried to run as fast as a cheetah but then strong billow of wind was too strong. I held on to the hand rail that was on the side of the bridge and tried to hold on to that until the wind lowered down. The wind grew stronger and stronger to the point where I couldn’t hold on. I let go and felt as if I was in the biggest tornado ever. I pushed and pushed and pushed and suddenly “OOFFFF!!”. I was pushed backwards to where there was a slope. The walk way I was on was on a high mountain and where I was pushed had so many bushes you would think it was a forest. I knew that if I got blown off of this mountain I wouldn't survive. I grabbed on to the nearest tree branch that was in reach of me and held on for my dear life. After about five minutes of standing there clutching onto the tree branch for dear life, I started to see the sun. The dark grey clouds started clear up and nowhere to be seen. The sun started to shine as bright as the light in front of you when you get a dentist appointment. I stopped holding the branch and ran to the other side of the bridge when I came from so I could get back down. After my first experience on walking on this mountain, it was confirmed that it would be my last.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

St Madeline Barat

WALT:To find information about the life of a Saint
To identify what Saints do during their life that showed how they make decisions or choices 

Friday, 19 October 2018

Explanation Writing

If you had a chance to make a change about something, what would you
change? I have been attending St.Pius X school for 8 years and I have seen
many changes. But these changes have been by the BOT instead of the
children of the school.

The first thing I would like to see change is the classrooms. I think each
classroom should be more bigger with more power points that aren't actually
broken, aren’t coming out from the walls and can actually work. I would love
to see more bigger tables because one table can fit 4 people but when
drawing, writing, etc is being done there is no space.

Another change I would like to see is the use of earphones during class.
Some classes, my class in particular are really noisy all the time.
I find earphones really helpful to block out all the noise while I do my work.
In my class we’re not allowed earphones for any reason. I think this would
really help keep us focused on our work instead of listening to what people
say around as and join the conversation.

At the end of every month we should give a piece of paper and ask the
children that attend the school what they would like to see change in the
school. But small things like, a hot breakfast at the breakfast club instead
of cold milk and cereal. We come to school for a whole week in mafti or
even having an activity week at school with all our classrooms joined together.

In conclusion I would love to see these changes happen over the years
even though I will not be attending St.Pius as a student but as an ex-student
when I come to visit. I would also love to see other children speak for wanting
to change our school. Not in a forceful bad way but in a good, healthy and
happy way.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Holiday experience

My youth and I had got given an address to work at as part of our outreach
programme. An outreach is when one youth goes somewhere and sings
and helps people who are elderly or who has disabilities that stop them
from getting things around the house done. Kolotita was an elderly women
who was paraplegic since she was in her mid 30s. She came from Tonga
and now lives in Mount Roskill.

When we first got to her house I noticed that there was a ramp instead of
stairs like some normal houses would have. I also noticed that it was old
and some of the painting had come off so she must have been paralysed
for a long time. When we got to her door her husband greeted us with a
warm welcome. We started off with a prayer and from there introduced
ourselves and where we came from. The husband then told us what we
had to do and we started straight away. I cleaned the whole kitchen with
Stanley Latu while everyone else was cleaning the outside of her house.

When we finished we sat and talked with her for a while. She told us her
story and how she became paralysed from the waist down. One day in
Tonga she was climbing a tree and fell from a really. Her spinal cord was badly injured and she cant talk clearly like most people.

We said a final prayer to bless Tita, said our goodbyes and headed off back to Glen Innes. It was a great first experience and I can’t wait for more.


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Graphics at Tamaki

This is what I created in my graphics class at Tamaki college. 

Friday, 31 August 2018

Rats to be eradicated in New Zealand

In my very own perspective I think that we shouldn’t annihilate the rats
in New Zealand. I have 3 main reasons that can support my perspective
and may also persuade you to think the way that I think about this type
of situation. One strong reason why I think this is because they are
creatures of God. God made everything for a reason, including animals.
Maybe we just haven’t found out what the reason for mice are. But this
generation is evolving and the next invention might just be about rats.
My second reason is that even though rats might not be your cup of tea.
Many countries in the continent of Asia such as Cambodia, Indonesia,
Thailand and many more survive off eating rats. Dishes such as the chuot-roti
is highly recommended in these countries. Last reason is that mice are
good test subjects for laboratories. Matter of fact, rats are very similar to
us humans in how our bodies and mind work. They are tested for medicines
and other items that are used on humans. In conclusion I think that rats
should not be annihilated because of these 3 reasons I have given to you.

How to find the bigger fraction

During the past week I have learnt how to solve fraction problems using common multiples.

Click the bottom link to see how I understand and can show my thinking. If you don't understand please feel free to comment and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.

How to find fractions using common multiples

Monday, 27 August 2018

100 words challenge

It was a terrible day. The sun wasn’t bright yellow and the white fluffy clouds were nowhere to be seen. It was dark and the only light that I saw was coming from the old small television we had in the lounge. It was cold as ice in my house, no matter how many warm, cotton stuffed clothes I wore. My mother was gone to work and my father was gone to pick up my little brother from school. I was home alone and I decided to lock all the rusty old doors and windows and turn all the lights off. I figured that if I went for a steaming hot bath it would warm me up. But then I remembered that our hot water had ran out because of all the hot showers we’ve been having since this whole week has been as cold as ice. I went up to my room and figured that if I was in bed with a heap of blankets on it would help. That’s when I remembered that all of our blankets we’re covered in dirt from when mum had dropped them outside. I wanted to cook me nice and hot to eat but that didn’t go to plan. The stove stopped working the night before and since then we’ve been having take outs. I didn’t want to ring up mum and dad and tell them to buy something because I knew they would have been busy with other things. I waited for nearly an hour and a half until mum, dad and my little brother to come home. I looked at the cold and moldy clock that was at the end of the hallway and the big hand had just landed on the 12.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

St.Stephen // St.Steven

Aquila and Priscilla

Learning Intention:
 I am learning to find information in the text that I am given. I am learning about the Early Christian Church.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Religious Education // The church strand

*In the first column I have high lighted each number. In the second column I have also high lighted each letter. Each colour is linked together.* 

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Food Tec @ Tamaki

Pasta with mince
The ingredients we used this week in cooking are:
  • Mince (Beef)
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Cheese
  • Pasta
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Rosemary
First we had to slice and dice the onion into small bits. Then we put it in a pan full of oil, then we put 2 cup of water into a sauce pan and boiled the pasta inside of it. Next, when the onion was soft, we cut the mince into small pieces and put them into the pan. Once the meat was finished cooking we added tomato sauce and put it on a low heat. Once the pasta finished cooking and was soft, we used a colander/strainer to strain all the leftover water into the sink. Then we added the pasta into the mince and kept it on low. Then once we cleaned up we put the mince and pasta into a tin which had baking paper. Then we had to leave it for about 15 minutes in the oven on a low heat. Once we finished we presented it and ate

Friday, 27 July 2018

100 words challenge!

I was too busy mucking around in class and talking. I got an F that day and in the same hour I got kicked out of school. I didn’t care because my mum and dad never care about what I have to say, but when I went home I was surprised because they were waiting for me to get home. Dad came up to me and said “I heard you got kicked out of school today”. I replied with a shrug of shoulders and a mumbled ‘yeah’. Then mum turned to me with her cigarette in her hand a told me that if I didn’t get my act together then I would have to move out the following day. That following day I not only got kicked out from school but from my own house too!. “But I didn’t understand the instructions.” I said to myself.  

(This is a narrative story. This does not have anything to do with my family and I.)

Friday, 15 June 2018

My best learning this week

In room 7 we are learning about electricity. We were focusing mainly on current. Now we are finding more about how power/electricity that is generated by Wind, Solar and Hydro. I am focusing on Hydro.

Friday, 18 May 2018


Retreat reflection

In a representation of what I did at the retreat, I made 3 different kinds of shapes. I made it
to represent that it’s okay to be different from others. The testimony that was said at the retreat made me really think about college and the type of decisions I make.
One of the activities we did was to do with buying stuffs like paper, pencils and tape.
We didn’t know what we were gonna do with what we bought so it kind of made it hard.
Once we purchased our stuffs, we were told to build a house using what we bought.
It was difficult because we did not know how to make one using what we purchase, however, we made
a house. It was not strong because the structure was poorly made.
It was not stable and we didn’t have enough materials to build a roof.
This taught us that the choices we make now, even if they are small. Can affect us in the future.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Mothers day

From all the stress, worries and trouble I put you through to all the laughs,
smiles and happy hours we have together. I appreciate all the things you
do for me, even the little things. Like drying my clothes, trying to put me
in the best colleges, for never giving up on me when I did and for providing
all the best for me and our family. I appreciate all the extra hours you work
just to get money to pay the bills so there's a roof over my head, to pay for
food so I don't get hungry, to pay for school/education so I don't end up like
my brothers. Thank you for all the knowledge you’ve given me throughout
these 13 years of life. I know it’s hard to be a mother especially with a hectic
family like ours, but you never give up on all of us. Thank you for always
waking me up at 6 in the morning and saying that it's 7. I know that you
always try to make me happy when I’m sad and I thank you for that. Have
a great mothers day on Sunday. I love you x.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Friday, 13 April 2018

Which character from a book would you most like to meet and why?

Which character from a book would you most like to meet and why? If I had the chance to meet a character from a book, I would like to meet captain underpants. I would like to meet him because he is funny. All the jokes he tells in his books always make me laugh. I would also like to meet him so I can go on one of his adventures with him. If it’s to take down a toilet robot or a little ant with the power of 400 men. Captain underpants also sounds like a great role model. Captain underpants is also a good example of someone not being as smart as others, but more heroic and brave as others. This is why I would like to meet Captain underpants.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Life Education Caravan

Task: To show your writing in a creative way.

(In case you couldn't click on the photo^ and see the words)
In the health caravan, I learnt the difference between
reacting and responding
. There are three ways you can
react and respond to something. The first one is to be
aggressive is to stand up for yourself in a way that
could hurt someone emotionally and physically. The
second way is to be passive which is what some people
in my classroom does. They are quiet and don’t stand up
for themselves because their scared of what someone
else will say or do to them. The third and final way you
can respond or react to something is to be assertive.
Which is standing up for yourself in the right way, being
respectful to the people you are talking to and talking to
them with the right attitude.

Friday, 16 March 2018

God's Creation

Learn: I know how to describe nature and how to present it

I found these flowers underneath some dirt, it looked like people kicked the dirt underneath it. I chose it to represent what some people go through. Before the flower was dirty and looked not so much like a flower, then I cleaned it with water and it made the flower look new and beautiful. God has a plan for everyone and thing. I think that this was a good time to find that flower and think of it like this than to think of it just as a dirty old flower.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

My soul friends

These are my wonderful and talented soul friends Moala and Langilangi. They are both very independent and intelligent people. Langilangi is loud and rough, while Moala is quiet and shy. Moala is 7 and Langi is 8, Moala is year 3 and Langi is year 4. They both have the same favourite colour which is blue. They are both in room 3 and both like eating fast foods like KFC, Dennys and Mcdonalds. Langilangi likes to play sports, he likes getting his hands dirty and likes having a fun time. Moala likes to read books, she likes to learn music and doing typing speed test. My two soul friends are like my best friends while at school. It's going to be a fun year teaching them the actions of a leader.

Friday, 2 March 2018


I understand God - subject the meaning of the word Virtue. God desires humanity to grow in virtue.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Statistics Investigation

Bio poem

Intelligent, Beautiful, Hard working, Loyal.
Daughter of Tracey and Niko.
Sister of Anthony, Junior and Shannon.
Lover of Harry Potter books, Fast foods and
watching animated movies.
My best experiences of life is my
grandpa's 85th birthday, the birth of my
nephew and when the new map of Fortnite
came out.
I fear insect that can fly,
Not making my parents proud, Drowning.
Making my parents proud is an
Trying hard and not giving up.
I want to experience the feeling
of giving birth.
Born in Auckland, New Zealand and
raised in Glen Innes, East Auckland

Kakino Toetau

Friday, 16 February 2018

Statue of Mary visit

Our lady, Mother Mary had come all the way from Fatima to New Zealand
and had visited our school. We welcomed this beautiful big statue with a

liturgy and rosary. She was crowned by our principal Mr.Coakley.
We prayed the rosary and sang Ave Maria. I felt emotional when one of the
nuns(Sister Mary Claire) were talking about Mary and the pain she had felt
when she saw Jesus getting crucified on the cross.
She gave us a heart warming and beautiful lecture about Mary and how she
loves all kids. How Mary had came to a group of children the same age as us
and said that she wants us to do good. She told us how Mary parted the ground
like Moses parted the Sea and pointed to the fire of hell.
She said that Mary doesn’t want us to sin because if we do we’ll go to hell, and
when you go hell it feels like when you burn yourself on a Barbecue.
Mary doesn’t want us to feel the pain that Jesus felt as he was nailed to
the cross. Then Sister Mary Claire said to us that we should pray the rosary
everyday or every Saturday to help us with the struggles we have in our life,
families or school. When we had quite time to talk to Mary it was a very deep
and meaningful for me. I talked to Mary about personal things that had been
going on at home and asked her to watch over my family where ever they go.
When the nuns were ready to take Our Lady to see another Parish we sang Ave
Maria as our whole class walked her to the back of the church.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Hiphop leson

Today we had our first hip hop session without instructor Jess. We started it off by doing some warm ups. We did a lot of warm ups that included us to use our: Head, neck, legs, hands, arms, fingers, wrists and feet. The first warm up we did was we had to turn our head to one side then push it out and then turn it to the other side and do it again. The second warm up we did was more focusing on our legs. We had to kind of squat down/bend down and then up. Our third warm up was my favourite because it was really fun and something out of my comfort zone. We had to do a arm wave. We had to put our arms out straight on the sides on us. I really enjoyed our hip hop lesson and didn’t want it to end.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Activity 2: Flying Cars

Activity 2: Flying Cars
Let’s imagine that you’ve just learned to drive, and your family has decided to buy you a brand new car. You are allowed to choose from any of the following designs:

Red-Cadillac-750x443.jpghummer.pngflying car (2).jpg

On your blog please tell us which of the three cars you would choose and why.

I would chose the third car, the white one with wings. I would chose this car in particular because it can fly. If there's a traffic jam or somewhere I need to get to urgently I can just fly over all the cars and red lights and be there just like that. I could even fly to maybe say Paris or Samoa or Fiji in my very own car! That's why I would choose the white car out of all the others.

Day 5: Looking into the Future Activity 1: Your Future Self

Day 5: Looking into the Future

Activity 1: Your Future Self
It may be hard to imagine, but one day you will graduate from high school and it will be time to decide what to do next. You may want to study at university, become an apprentice, go to training college, travel, or start working. There are so many options!

Take a minute to think about your future. What would you like to do when you finish school? Would you like to work in a specific job? Would you like to study at university? What would you study? Maybe you’d even like to move overseas. Share your thoughts and ideas on your blog site. There are no wrong answers!

After I finish college, I would love to go university. It has always been a goal in my life. I would study to either be a lawyer or a teacher. Then get a job, maybe at the warehouse or pakensave just to get money while I go university. I would also like to flat with someone or buy a house if I have enough money. Then work as a teacher or lawyer.

Activity 2: Country Calendar

Activity 2: Country Calendar
Did you know that the longest running television show in New Zealand history is a programme called ‘Country Calendar’? It started on 6 March 1966 and has been running ever since. The programme includes stories of everyday New Zealanders, many of whom are farmers.

Watch this short clip from Country Calendar. What do you think would be the most interesting and/or challenging things about being a farmer? Would you would like to be a farmer when you are older. Why/why not? Give us, at least, two reasons to support your answer.

  • I wouldn't like to be a farmer because I always wake up late in the morning. I wouldn't like the Country life because I don't like to go out doors that much.
  • I wouldn't like to be a farmer because it is a lot of hard work to look after animals and plants/fruit. You also have to know a lot about animals and plants/fruits.

Day 4: Contemporary Entertainment Activity 1: Moana

Day 4: Contemporary Entertainment

Activity 1: Moana
In late 2016, the movie Moana was released by Disney. It’s a beautiful story about a young Polynesian girl from the fictional island of Motunui, who goes on a big adventure.

Watch the trailer for Moana and then write a summary of the movie on your blog. If you’ve seen the movie, you can include your favourite part! Tell us as much as you can about the movie. What is it about? Who are the main
characters in the movie? What do they do in the movie? Where do they go?

Moana is Polynesian movie that is based on a stubborn and strong minded daughter (Moana.) Who's father is a village chief that is very over protective of Moana, like every father is. The ocean chose Moana to sets sail to find her legendary demigod cousin (Maui) to fulfil her deceased Grandmas wish and return the heart of Te fiti to its home. While on this quest, Moana has to take down enemies who want the heart of Te fiti to use its grand power with the help of her cousin (Maui.)

Activity 2: Migration

Activity 2: Migration

Over the past few decades, there has been a huge rise in the number of people coming to New Zealand to live and/or travel. I was one of those people! In fact, I moved with my family to New Zealand in 2010 and I am so glad that I did. It’s a pretty amazing place to call home! At the moment I live about 10 minutes from three stunning beaches and a beautiful national park.

Speaking of home, where do you live? On your blog, please post a picture of your hometown and provide a list of three things that tourists, like us, could do if we came to visit. What do you like most about your hometown? (Remember the guidelines for being Cybersmart, and never post your address online).

I was raised in East Auckland. I live near local shops/shopping center. I also live about 3 minutes away from a beach. There are a variety of places tourists can go to visit that has a beautiful outlook. My favourite is the Sky city/Sky tower. It is my favourite because at the top of the sky tower there is a kind of platform that you can walk on, but its made out of glass (I'll put a photo at the bottom) My favourite beach in particular is Mission Bay. I like this beach more then other beaches I've gone to because it has a fountain (I'll put a photo at the bottom) that I like to swim and play in every time I go to Mission bay. Another place I think tourists would love to go is 'My Bakery'. I recommend people who visit Auckland to go to my Bakery because the food they make is very pleasing.
(Glen Innes)
Image result for GLen Innes auckland
(Mission bay)
Image result for mission bay fountain
(Sky tower)
Image result for sky tower glass
(My bakery. East Auckland - Glen Innes)
Image result for my bakery glen innes