Friday, 23 March 2018

Life Education Caravan

Task: To show your writing in a creative way.

(In case you couldn't click on the photo^ and see the words)
In the health caravan, I learnt the difference between
reacting and responding
. There are three ways you can
react and respond to something. The first one is to be
aggressive is to stand up for yourself in a way that
could hurt someone emotionally and physically. The
second way is to be passive which is what some people
in my classroom does. They are quiet and don’t stand up
for themselves because their scared of what someone
else will say or do to them. The third and final way you
can respond or react to something is to be assertive.
Which is standing up for yourself in the right way, being
respectful to the people you are talking to and talking to
them with the right attitude.

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