Friday, 23 February 2018

Statistics Investigation

Bio poem

Intelligent, Beautiful, Hard working, Loyal.
Daughter of Tracey and Niko.
Sister of Anthony, Junior and Shannon.
Lover of Harry Potter books, Fast foods and
watching animated movies.
My best experiences of life is my
grandpa's 85th birthday, the birth of my
nephew and when the new map of Fortnite
came out.
I fear insect that can fly,
Not making my parents proud, Drowning.
Making my parents proud is an
Trying hard and not giving up.
I want to experience the feeling
of giving birth.
Born in Auckland, New Zealand and
raised in Glen Innes, East Auckland

Kakino Toetau

Friday, 16 February 2018

Statue of Mary visit

Our lady, Mother Mary had come all the way from Fatima to New Zealand
and had visited our school. We welcomed this beautiful big statue with a

liturgy and rosary. She was crowned by our principal Mr.Coakley.
We prayed the rosary and sang Ave Maria. I felt emotional when one of the
nuns(Sister Mary Claire) were talking about Mary and the pain she had felt
when she saw Jesus getting crucified on the cross.
She gave us a heart warming and beautiful lecture about Mary and how she
loves all kids. How Mary had came to a group of children the same age as us
and said that she wants us to do good. She told us how Mary parted the ground
like Moses parted the Sea and pointed to the fire of hell.
She said that Mary doesn’t want us to sin because if we do we’ll go to hell, and
when you go hell it feels like when you burn yourself on a Barbecue.
Mary doesn’t want us to feel the pain that Jesus felt as he was nailed to
the cross. Then Sister Mary Claire said to us that we should pray the rosary
everyday or every Saturday to help us with the struggles we have in our life,
families or school. When we had quite time to talk to Mary it was a very deep
and meaningful for me. I talked to Mary about personal things that had been
going on at home and asked her to watch over my family where ever they go.
When the nuns were ready to take Our Lady to see another Parish we sang Ave
Maria as our whole class walked her to the back of the church.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Hiphop leson

Today we had our first hip hop session without instructor Jess. We started it off by doing some warm ups. We did a lot of warm ups that included us to use our: Head, neck, legs, hands, arms, fingers, wrists and feet. The first warm up we did was we had to turn our head to one side then push it out and then turn it to the other side and do it again. The second warm up we did was more focusing on our legs. We had to kind of squat down/bend down and then up. Our third warm up was my favourite because it was really fun and something out of my comfort zone. We had to do a arm wave. We had to put our arms out straight on the sides on us. I really enjoyed our hip hop lesson and didn’t want it to end.