Friday, 19 October 2018

Explanation Writing

If you had a chance to make a change about something, what would you
change? I have been attending St.Pius X school for 8 years and I have seen
many changes. But these changes have been by the BOT instead of the
children of the school.

The first thing I would like to see change is the classrooms. I think each
classroom should be more bigger with more power points that aren't actually
broken, aren’t coming out from the walls and can actually work. I would love
to see more bigger tables because one table can fit 4 people but when
drawing, writing, etc is being done there is no space.

Another change I would like to see is the use of earphones during class.
Some classes, especially my class in particular are really noisy all the time.
I find earphones really helpful to block out all the noise while I do my work.
In my class we’re not allowed earphones for any reason. I think this would
really help keep us focused on our work instead of listening to what people
say around as and join the conversation.

At the end of every month we should give a piece of paper and ask the
children that attend the school what they would like to see change in the
school. But small things like, a hot breakfast at the breakfast club instead
of cold milk and cereal. We come to school for a whole week in mafti or
even having an activity week at school with all our classrooms joined together.

In conclusion I would love to see these changes happen over the years
even though I will not be attending St.Pius as a student but as an ex-student
when I come to visit. I would also love to see other children speak for wanting
to change our school. Not in a forceful bad way but in a good, healthy and
happy way.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Holiday experience

My youth and I had got given an address to work at as part of our outreach
programme. An outreach is when one youth goes somewhere and sings
and helps people who are elderly or who has disabilities that stop them
from getting things around the house done. Kolotita was an elderly women
who was paraplegic since she was in her mid 30s. She came from Tonga
and now lives in Mount Roskill.

When we first got to her house I noticed that there was a ramp instead of
stairs like some normal houses would have. I also noticed that it was old
and some of the painting had come off so she must have been paralysed
for a long time. When we got to her door her husband greeted us with a
warm welcome. We started off with a prayer and from there introduced
ourselves and where we came from. The husband then told us what we
had to do and we started straight away. I cleaned the whole kitchen with
Stanley Latu while everyone else was cleaning the outside of her house.

When we finished we sat and talked with her for a while. She told us her
story and how she became paralysed from the waist down. One day in
Tonga she was climbing a tree and fell from a really. Her spinal cord was badly injured and she cant talk clearly like most people.

We said a final prayer to bless Tita, said our goodbyes and headed off back to Glen Innes. It was a great first experience and I can’t wait for more.


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Graphics at Tamaki

This is what I created in my graphics class at Tamaki college. 

Friday, 31 August 2018

Rats to be eradicated in New Zealand

In my very own perspective I think that we shouldn’t annihilate the rats
in New Zealand. I have 3 main reasons that can support my perspective
and may also persuade you to think the way that I think about this type
of situation. One strong reason why I think this is because they are
creatures of God. God made everything for a reason, including animals.
Maybe we just haven’t found out what the reason for mice are. But this
generation is evolving and the next invention might just be about rats.
My second reason is that even though rats might not be your cup of tea.
Many countries in the continent of Asia such as Cambodia, Indonesia,
Thailand and many more survive off eating rats. Dishes such as the chuot-roti
is highly recommended in these countries. Last reason is that mice are
good test subjects for laboratories. Matter of fact, rats are very similar to
us humans in how our bodies and mind work. They are tested for medicines
and other items that are used on humans. In conclusion I think that rats
should not be annihilated because of these 3 reasons I have given to you.

How to find the bigger fraction

During the past week I have learnt how to solve fraction problems using common multiples.

Click the bottom link to see how I understand and can show my thinking. If you don't understand please feel free to comment and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.

How to find fractions using common multiples