Friday, 11 December 2015

Kids for Kids

WOW! What an exciting night I had last night because I got the opportunity to perform in the kids 4 kids concert Vodafone Events Center, as a soloist ( rapper how bizarre) for world vision.

I got dressed in really bright clothes, because I was going to do a solo part on stage.  After an amazing and wonderful song Nathan King called me up on stage to do a very funny ,silly song with him.  When I walked up on stage I saw my mum, my sister-in law and some of my friends mum’s, after.

I had introduced my name and my school there was a lot of people screaming and shouting especially my sister- in law. When the background music came on, Nathan King started to sing.

I got so nervous I started to sweat a lot, it looked like I was wearing oil all over my body. When I started to sing I heard a lot of people started to scream and shout, I was so nervous I couldn’t move that much than I looked back and saw my friends smiling at me.

When I sat down I saw other people’s mums and dads coming to watch the year 4 and year 5 students perform, I also saw my mum and my sister-in law seini clapping their hands and screaming a loud go Lisa.
After we sang a lot of songs that had funny and weird actions, the concert finished and everyone said well done to each other and I said goodbye to my friends

I went to McDonalds with my sister Seini and my mum, we went to my sister Seini's house and had Mcdonalds.

Holiday Madness

During the school Holidays my mum and I went to visit my wacky cousins in Manurewa that had a really good sense of humor and because we haven’t seen them in a long time.

My sister said that there was going to be a big exciting surprise, it was a big water fight (boys V.S girls) there was different kinds of coloured paint, soft white flour and sloppy wet brown dirt, was involved. My sister said that we were going to have this water fight, because it was a really hot day. I was very excited to hear this.

I thought it was also funny because my sister Seini slapped my face with white paint. It hurt so much. The reason why she did that is because I popped a fat water balloon on her back because everyone dared me to. I was so mad.

After a wonderful sloppy and messy water fight we got dried and had a barbecue, I loved the food that my uncles cook for everyone. Next when all the kids finished eating we all grabbed blankets and sat down on the couch to watch some horror movies that was a really good ending to my holidays.

Typing test

Friday 11 December
My typing result has gone down because I have not done the fun to type practice.

basic facts

In sheet I need to work in my grouping within 1000.

In timed I need to work in my groupings within 1000, addition to 20, subtraction and my division.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Typing test

Monday 7 December

I have gone down in my typing because I have not done the right type of typing test.