Friday, 27 May 2016


Today in my stage 7 prototec sheet I have gotten 29/40. I have been learning and practising my basic facts so I can do better in timed.

I got 27/40 because I have not learned what roots and factors are. I also got a lower score because I have moved onto this level for the past days.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Saint. Patrick's Day recount

Saint Patrick’s Day Recount
In our Saint Patrick’s day mass, I sat next to Diego because he was my soulfriend. I felt like my mum because whenever I asked Diego to stop talking to his friends and fiddling with his fingers he never listened. When it was time for Holy Communion Diego was talking and high fiving his friends in line, he kept on talking to the person that was next to him, so I decided to sit in between them. They still kept on talking. Finally Mass finished. I was so relieved that Mass was over because I didn’t have to sit next to Diego anymore, but then I remembered that we were having a shared lunch with our soulfriends.

After Mass my soulfriend and I went to the field to have a shared lunch. But Deigo hadn’t brought anything to share so I had to give him a big box of Just Juice and a big party pack of Doritos. Diego, my soulfriend just kept talking with his friends and eating their food just as if I hadn’t given him anything. I felt as angry as a bull.

Strange Object

When I felt this object it felt hairy and squishy to me. When I ate it I didn’t feel nice because the seed’s always get stuck in my teeth. I also didn’t like it because I don’t like this object. I think that this object is too bitter and too sweet for me. I also don’t like this object, because the juice in the object goes everywhere.

Stage fright

Stage Fright
The characters in this story are Min, Lisa , Mrs Anderson , Vanessa.
Conflict or Problems faced between characters:
People in Min’s class disliked Min, because she couldn’t read aloud to the people in front of her.

The setting in this story is the Classroom

The Plot - (Events 1-4) You can add more events if you need to
Event 1:
Min stumbles as she reads a poem in front of the class

Event 2:
Min’s friend and Mrs Anderson try to help and comfort Min to read in front of the class next week.
Event 3:
Min brought the coin her Grandpa gave her and the drawing she had done to help her read in front of the class.

Event 4:
Min brought the coin her Grandpa gave her and the drawing she had done to help her read in front of the class.

(The exciting part of the story when everything comes together)

When Min reads to the classroom for the first time and she stumbles upon her words.

(What happens after the conflict is resolved)

Min read in front of the class and does not have stage fright.
My summary
A girl has stage fright when she reads in front of her class. She overcomes it by bringing her favourite coin and a picture she drew,suggested by her teacher.

Basic Facts

Today I got 31/40 in stage seven sheet. I have moved up 1 level.

I got 38/40 on Monday. If I get 40/40, 39/40 or 38/40 three times in a row I will move on to stage seven sheet.

Typing test

Friday 20 May
Today in my typing I have gotten higher because I have been learning to type fast in

Monday 16 May

I got a lower score today. On Friday I will try and get a higher score on Friday

Mother's Day as my mum

Mother’s Day as my mum

On  Mothers Day dinner I had my dinner at home because I had no money to eat somewhere special. My partner, my third oldest son, my middle son and my daughter Annalisa were there. I sat next to my chatty daughter. I wanted to move away but I knew that it would hurt her feelings and make her feel sad like a little boy does when he drops his ice-cream.

I felt really mad at my children, because it was Mothers Day and I had to get the squashed and oily chicken at the bottom. I thought it was really funny when my daughter Lisa, spat coke out of her nose, when my son made her laugh. I was caught up laughing so much I didn’t notice my daughter videoing me. I was so embarrassed my cheeks went as red as a tomato.

Then I  heard the front door open and close, I asked Lisa to go and see who it was, but she was caught up in her food so I went to go look for myself. It was my son’s friend. I felt as angry as a bull, because he entered my house without being invited. My favourite child Lisa told me some jokes that cracked me up. This was the best Mothers Day ever, because my 2 sons were there as well as my daughter and my partner.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Basic facts

Today I got 38/40 I have gotten a higher score than I got on Monday. I have to get 38/40, 39/40 and 40/40 three times in a row I move to stage 7 sheet.

Today I got a lower score

Typing test

Friday 6 May
Today in my typing speed test I got 34 words per minute I have gotten a higher score than I did on Monday. I am going to try and get a higher score on Monday.
Monday 2 May

Today I got a lower score. I will try and get 5 more words per minute.