Friday, 23 February 2018

Bio poem

Intelligent, Beautiful, Hard working, Loyal.
Daughter of Tracey and Niko.
Sister of Anthony, Junior and Shannon.
Lover of Harry Potter books, Fast foods and
watching animated movies.
My best experiences of life is my
grandpa's 85th birthday, the birth of my
nephew and when the new map of Fortnite
came out.
I fear insect that can fly,
Not making my parents proud, Drowning.
Making my parents proud is an
Trying hard and not giving up.
I want to experience the feeling
of giving birth.
Born in Auckland, New Zealand and
raised in Glen Innes, East Auckland

Kakino Toetau

1 comment:

  1. Wow Annalisa,
    I like how you explained about yourself. I really like how you said you said Harry Potter books and fast food, I really like Harry Potter books and fast food that is why I eat a lot.