Friday, 24 March 2017

Why is polyfest a good thing??

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Polyfest is a cultural competition with colleges all around Auckland. It is held each year at Western Springs. But why should we have polyfest?. Why should we spend our money on costumes and food??.

My first acceptable reason on why polyfest should be a common competition is because it teaches different people about different cultures. It brings other cultures closer. We look at the different foods other cultures make and the different cultural dances and costumes.

Another fair reason on why polyfest is pleasant thing because you can sell food for money. Some people let people who have cars and that can find any parking use their own drive way for parking and get money from that too.

I think we should keep on having polyfest and let some of the intermediate schools have it to. So when they go to college they can say that they participated in another cultural dance group and learned more about that culture.

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  1. Polyfest is the largest Maori and Pacific Island cultural celebration festival for the secondary schools in Auckland.Annalisa.mum