Friday, 20 May 2016

Saint. Patrick's Day recount

Saint Patrick’s Day Recount
In our Saint Patrick’s day mass, I sat next to Diego because he was my soulfriend. I felt like my mum because whenever I asked Diego to stop talking to his friends and fiddling with his fingers he never listened. When it was time for Holy Communion Diego was talking and high fiving his friends in line, he kept on talking to the person that was next to him, so I decided to sit in between them. They still kept on talking. Finally Mass finished. I was so relieved that Mass was over because I didn’t have to sit next to Diego anymore, but then I remembered that we were having a shared lunch with our soulfriends.

After Mass my soulfriend and I went to the field to have a shared lunch. But Deigo hadn’t brought anything to share so I had to give him a big box of Just Juice and a big party pack of Doritos. Diego, my soulfriend just kept talking with his friends and eating their food just as if I hadn’t given him anything. I felt as angry as a bull.

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  1. I'm sad that you felt like a angry bull towards your soulfriend,mum