Friday, 20 May 2016

Mother's Day as my mum

Mother’s Day as my mum

On  Mothers Day dinner I had my dinner at home because I had no money to eat somewhere special. My partner, my third oldest son, my middle son and my daughter Annalisa were there. I sat next to my chatty daughter. I wanted to move away but I knew that it would hurt her feelings and make her feel sad like a little boy does when he drops his ice-cream.

I felt really mad at my children, because it was Mothers Day and I had to get the squashed and oily chicken at the bottom. I thought it was really funny when my daughter Lisa, spat coke out of her nose, when my son made her laugh. I was caught up laughing so much I didn’t notice my daughter videoing me. I was so embarrassed my cheeks went as red as a tomato.

Then I  heard the front door open and close, I asked Lisa to go and see who it was, but she was caught up in her food so I went to go look for myself. It was my son’s friend. I felt as angry as a bull, because he entered my house without being invited. My favourite child Lisa told me some jokes that cracked me up. This was the best Mothers Day ever, because my 2 sons were there as well as my daughter and my partner.

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