Thursday, 22 December 2016

Packing up - Day 4

Day 4 – Packing Up C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Children's suitcases.jpg
It’s official! You’ve chosen your country and bought your ticket. Now it’s time to pack for the big adventure! Think about where you are going and what the weather is going to be like when you arrive next week.
Activity 1
To find out more about the weather in your chosen country log onto the Accu Weather website []. Type the name of the capital city of your country into the search bar. It will tell you what the weather is going to be like in your country of choice. On your blog, provide a five day forecast for the weather in the capital city of your chosen country.
Thursday: Sunshine mixing with clouds.
Friday: Cloudy.
Saturday: Periods of clouds and sun.
Sunday: Cloudy with a with showers.
Monday: A morning shower; cloudy.
Activity 2
Before you start packing your suitcase you will want to create a list of everything that you will need to bring with you. Most airlines let you bring one big suitcase with you so you’ll have to think carefully about what you want to bring…
On your blog site, post a list of everything that you need to pack for your trip. Put a star (*) beside the 5 items that you think are the most important.
*Warm clothes
*Tooth brush
*Shoes and socks

Bonus Activity
Make a word poem called a ‘wordle’ using your packing list (i.e. the list of of things you are taking with you on your trip). To make a wordle you need to go to the Wordle website []. Enter the words for all of your items into the box provided and click ‘Go.’ The website will create a wordle for you. Save the wordle and then post it on your blog.
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Wordle site screenshot.png
Bonus Blog = 4 points

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  1. Kia ora Annalisa!

    I'm Mark, another teacher working on the Summer Learning Journey. I've been looking after some other schools, so it's exciting to come visit some other students blogs!

    I really like this answer as there is always something interesting to talk about. I'm well traveled so packing comes second nature to me. Hmmm, I see you've packed your bag well, considering the weather and cleanliness... but if you're travelling alone.. What will you need in order to eat? What will you need to find your way? What will you need to get into the country? What will help you stay safe? I'll be keen to see your thoughts.

    Keep up the great work.