Sunday, 24 July 2016

Day 1 Activity 2

Activity 2:  In the ancient Olympic Games the winner of each event was called the Olympionic. Instead of a gold medal, the winner had a palm leaf placed in their hands and a crown placed on their head to show that they were the winner. Arguably one of the most famous Olympionics was a man named ‘Milo of Kroton’ (see picture below). Use Google to research ‘Milo of Kroton’ and post three interesting facts about him on your blog.

C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\Milo of Kroton pic.jpeg

Fact 1 : He carried a calf every day for four years until it was a full sized ox to get strong and fit.
Fact 2 : Nobody knows when Milo died.
Fact 3 : He was attacked by a pack of wolves with one hand free and one hand stuck in a between a tree.

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  1. Hi Annalisa!

    Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey! I'm so glad that you decided to join us this holiday. I enjoyed reading your posts and I really hope that you enjoyed learning about the Olympics and about Milo of Croton. He was a very famous Olympian and a very strong man! It's sad to think that he may have died at the hands of a pack of wolves 'eh? Poor Milo!

    I hope that your first day of Term III goes really well. I'll look forward to seeing you when I come into St Pius in a few days to hand out awards and certificates!

    Cheers, Rachel :)