Thursday, 30 June 2016

My personal voice making a Flax flower

In the Wharekai was our time to learn how to weave a flax flower, called a puti puti. It was really boring because I already knew how to weave. I felt like I was going to fall asleep. Whaea sang a song in Maori to keep us quiet. It sounded spooky, because she had a croaky and soft voice. We sat in a circle all squashed  up next to each other.

The Wharekai was a large room that had small windows and little cracks in the walls. The floor that we sat on in the wharekai was cold and was a little bit dark with the blinds covering the windows.

I felt really annoyed because the wharekai was a place that could echo, so it was really hard to concentrate with all the little kids shouting at each other.

The leaf part of the flax was smooth like a baby's skin. The stem of the flax was hard like a cardboard box. When I folded the leaf part of the Flax it had a crackling sound like when you light firecrackers off.

It wasn’t quite hard to follow and understand the instructions, because I had already been taught to weave. It was really hard to weave when Room 5 and Room3 were bunched up altogether, because it was a little and tight spaced Room. It was also hard to weave when the sun tried to race through the cracks in some of the walls.

My Puti Puti, Flax Flower was  dark green and had a long cut in the middle. It was a dark brown at the tip on the leaf part on the flax. The leaf bit of my flax kept on flopping down like a bunny's ear.

When I finished my Puti Puti my hands were tired like when you write hard with a pencil for a long time. When were finished Whaea sang another spooky song in Maori to quiet us down.

This was my favourite Experience, because it was easy and fun to make a flax flower and, because we got to take our flax flower home.

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