Monday, 14 March 2016

My Horror Story


Friday 26 February

On a dark and thundery night me and my brother went to his friends house, because our power went out.

When we got there we heard fighting next door so my brother went to have a look. He opened the door as fast as he could, I ran in after him looking at the crying and screaming baby on the floor, his mum and dad punching, kicking and pulling each other hairs out.  My brother tried to stop the fighting. I walked past everyone fighting to make the baby stop crying, I saw a mark on the man’s forehead that was written in blood, the woman's fingers six of them were cut at the top.

When I had touched the baby I started to feel a vibration in my body, blood running down my mouth my eyes turning black as soon as I knew it, I dropped to the floor like I was dead. When I woke up I could see a light at the top of my head like it was staring into my eyes, I pushed it away and got up everything in  the room was white it was night and I didn’t know where I was. I opened the door to go out of the room stairs are all I saw, I stepped quietly down the stairs, at the bottom I saw my mum, dad and my brother crying  I went up to them and they didn’t see me?.

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