Friday, 11 December 2015

Kids for Kids

WOW! What an exciting night I had last night because I got the opportunity to perform in the kids 4 kids concert Vodafone Events Center, as a soloist ( rapper how bizarre) for world vision.

I got dressed in really bright clothes, because I was going to do a solo part on stage.  After an amazing and wonderful song Nathan King called me up on stage to do a very funny ,silly song with him.  When I walked up on stage I saw my mum, my sister-in law and some of my friends mum’s, after.

I had introduced my name and my school there was a lot of people screaming and shouting especially my sister- in law. When the background music came on, Nathan King started to sing.

I got so nervous I started to sweat a lot, it looked like I was wearing oil all over my body. When I started to sing I heard a lot of people started to scream and shout, I was so nervous I couldn’t move that much than I looked back and saw my friends smiling at me.

When I sat down I saw other people’s mums and dads coming to watch the year 4 and year 5 students perform, I also saw my mum and my sister-in law seini clapping their hands and screaming a loud go Lisa.
After we sang a lot of songs that had funny and weird actions, the concert finished and everyone said well done to each other and I said goodbye to my friends

I went to McDonalds with my sister Seini and my mum, we went to my sister Seini's house and had Mcdonalds.

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  1. What an awesome night,so proud of you Annalisa keep it up.Love mum