Wednesday, 24 June 2015

ROOTS presentation at St Pius X

On Wednesday the 15th of June, the whole of St.Pius X school were called to the school hall to watch Room 5 and Room 6 receive certificates for their learning with ROOTS about Water.  Room 5 and Room 6 learned about the Water Cycle, how to make a Water Filter, how to make a Vertical Garden, and how to make a litterless lunchbox. 

Mrs Middleton asked me to read the welcoming Karakia which is a Maori prayer. Waikare introduced the visitors and then he called me up to come on to the stage to say the welcoming Karakia. He talked about what we have been learning in the past 4 weeks. Waikare then presented Room 5 and Room 6 with their certificates for participating and completing the course.
We all went outside for the blessing of the water tank. When we got there Room 5 and 6 lined up by the fence. We sang a hymn lead by Mr Slade and Mrs Middleton and Waikare did a Maori blessing.He finished with a Maori blessing and we went back inside to do our presentations. 

We presented our learning in groups of 4. I was in group one with Mikaela , Macky and Maris-Stella. We shared our learning about the Water Cycle and the different States of Matter for water in the Water Cycle. One of the special visitors looked at our table and commented on what a good job we had done.
Then after all that talking the Roots made vegetable soup with bread rolls which was tasty.I had 2 cups.

I learned a lot from ROOTS about how we can save water by reusing it for watering gardens.

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